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Find agent on daily

Better way to understand Scrum daily meetings and have fun.

How to play ?

Feature 01

Create room

Create room for interogation, answer questions and find agent that sabotaged the daily

Feature 02

Share the link

Share the room link to the team.

Feature 03

Wait until all users come

Watch out! Sometimes agent comes last to prolong daily and make it unsufficient.

Feature 04

Start daily

Start "daily" meeting if all participants have joined.

Feature 05

Give feedback in limited time

Ask participants to answer displayed questions if their name shown in application.

Feature 06

Select agent

Agent is the person who sabotage the "daily". He often talks too long or he is unprepared. Agent have different strategies to make sure that the "daily" won't be efficient. PS. Watch out for SM they are often wolfs in sheep skin.

Have you found agent ?